Quick Tips

EspressoWorks 7 Pc All-In-One Set Quick Tips:

1. When filling your portafilter with coffee grinds, make sure not to go above the ‘MAX’ line. Going above that line may cause overflowing and spillage during brewing. 2. When plugging in your machine and clicking the On/Off button, the Power button will illuminate orange. After about a few seconds, the Green ready light will turn on, indicating you are ready to brew and/or steam. 3. During/after brewing, water will flow through the bottom of the machine through a small spout and into your drip tray, keeping everything clean and in order. Do not be alarmed by this as this is very normal. 4. For best use, be sure to clean your machine after each use. Wait for machine to cool down as parts may be hot, then:

  • Remove the portafilter from the machine and empty into garbage/sink. Remove the metal basket from the portafilter by lining up the ‘male’ and ‘female’ parts, and use a damp paper towel to clean out and get rid of all the old grinds.
  • Empty out the drip tray with the excess water that flowed through the machine during brewing.
  • Remove black wand/steam piece and rinse. Use a damp paper towel to clean metal pipe that goes under the black wand piece to avoid any milk buildup.
  • Damp paper towel to the area where the portafilter would go while brewing. Be sure to keep that part clean and fresh as that is the most important location you want to avoid buildup.
5. Make sure you water tank is always above the ‘MIN’ line before brewing. 6. How to make the following drinks:
  • Espresso Shot: Simply fill the portafilter with grinds and tamp down firmly. Lock the portafilter into the ‘Lock’ position. Put an espresso cup under the filter. Turn the dial to ‘Espresso’ setting and allow the espresso to flow out. You control the flow manually, so once you hit your desired amount, turn the dial back to the middle setting ‘Off’ and enjoy!
  • Cappuccino/Latte: First pull a shot of espresso, then fill your Frothing Cup with milk and submerge the cup under the steam wand before turning on. Turn dial to ‘Steam’ setting and move cup around in circular motion and you will see the milk begin to froth and become steamy hot. Pour the espresso and the milk into a mug and enjoy!
  • Americano: After pulling a shot of espresso remove the portafilter. Place your mug back under and turn the setting back to the left to allow hot water to flow out. Mix the hot water with the espresso and vóila.
7. Upon finishing your brewing and moving the dial back to the “on/off” setting, allow your portafilter a couple of minutes to cool off before removing. This allows the water under the pressure to leech through the puck properly as the machine cools down. 8. Cleaning your Steamer:
  • You can use a toothpick to clean out any clogged milk in the steamer.
  • When steaming milk, do not fill the cup with too much milk which may clog the machine.
  • Try running the steamer over a cup for about 60 seconds to get anything out that may be clogging it. Fill up your tank to 150ml, and then let steam run for up to 60 seconds to remove any milk residue.